Miniature Human Skeleton Shorty 85cm - Mediprem
Miniature Human Skeleton Shorty 85cm - Mediprem

Miniature Human Skeleton Shorty 85cm - Mediprem

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Mini Human Anatomical Skeleton Shorty Mediprem

  • Very realistic model with 200 bones
  • Height : 85 cm
  • Material : PVC
  • Delivered on a stand
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Description of the Mediprem Shorty 85 cm Miniature Human Skeleton

The Mediprem Shorty human skeleton is half the size of a full-size anatomical skeleton. It consists of 200 bones. The skull is cut crosswise so you can see the internal structure of the skull. The jaw is mobile. In order to remain faithful to a real skeleton, the model is equipped with arms and legs that can reproduce the movements of our body. Their joints are mobile and can reproduce the different actions of real joints. The miniature human skeleton Shorty represents faithfully all the bones of our body, that is to say our skull and its 22 bones, our spine and its 24 vertebrae (including the thoracic, lumbar and cervical vertebrae) and the intervertebral discs. It also represents our thorax and its 24 ribs, our pelvis (coccyx, sacrum, and hips) and of course, the bones of our arms (shoulder blades, collarbone ...) and our legs.

The Shorty Mediprem Anatomical Skeleton is a very realistic representation of our body. It can be used to teach anatomy or in medical classes. It is less bulky and more reasonably priced, so medical students can purchase it to study at home in a more hands-on way than a textbook. You can also use it to decorate your desk, or to give explanations to your patients during your consultations because it is very detailed. It can be installed anywhere thanks to the base on which it rests. Its small size also makes it easier to carry.

Characteristics of the Mediprem Shorty 85 cm Miniature Human Skeleton

This model is half the size of a full size anatomical skeleton. Mediprem's model includes 200 bones of an adult skeleton. The advantages of the Mediprem Shorty skeleton :

- Its most important joints (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles) can move to faithfully represent the movements made by our body.
- The upper and lower limbs (legs and arms) can be removed and put back on easily.
- Its skull is removable and the jaw can move.
- It is provided with a base which serves as a support.

Technical details of the Mediprem Shorty 85 cm Miniature Human Skeleton

Size : 85 cm
Material : PVC
Weight : 3 kg
Warranty : 1 year

More Information
Reference M-AN-85SQUELETTE
Weight 3.000000
Manufacturer Mediprem
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