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Blood monitor pressure is a device allowing private individuals to measure their arterial pressure on their own and to consequently be able to have a regular follow-up care. Whether it be manual or electric, nowadays tensiometers are really easy to use, thanks to various improvements which have been done on last models. Supervised by a health professional, the patient can proceed to a self measurement, sparing themselves several displacements.

Whether you are looking for a Spengler, an Omron or even a MicroLife monitor, be sure that you will find it on GirodMedical !

You can find any further information you could need to choose the right blood pressure monitor in having a look to our article : How to choose the right tensiometer ?

Tensiometer is a blend of manual monitor (electric or inflatable), and of an inflatable armband (either on the arm or on the wrist). This device helps patients knowing if they suffer from arterial hypertension or hypotension (high or low blood pressure).

What is arterial pressure ?

- Arterial pressure corresponds to the pressure exerted by blood on the arterial’s linings

- Arterial pressure is divided into two types of measures : systolic and diastolic arterial tension

- When the heart is pumping up the blood, it is systolic arterial tension. On the contrary, diastolic arterial tension corresponds to the relaxation of the heart. For example, a 14/8 tension corresponds to a systolic arterial tension of 14 and a diastolic arterial tension of 8.

It should be noted that the maximum value is 14/9, beyond, it is what we called hypertension (high blood pressure), and it presents potential vascular or cerebral risks. The minimum value is 10/6, below, it is what we called hypotension (low blood pressure), it is not necessarily dangerous, but it should be watched.

Why should you keep an eye on your arterial pressure ?

Strokes (cerebro-vascular accident) represents 130 000 cases, of whom 50 000 will died. Better to know that only one of ten people will not keep any after-effects of a cerebro-vascular accident.

How to supervised your arterial pressure ?

The most reliable device to measure your arterial pressure is the blood pressure monitor. GirodMedical is aware of how dangerous could be a stroke, this is why we only propose real quality diagnosis products.

Which monitor should you choose ?

We propose two different types of monitor : electric and manual.

Manual monitors are rather reserved to health professionals when electric monitors can be used by both professionals or private individuals.

Electric monitors are more and more used nowadays, thanks to their reliability, precision and their capacity of memorising registered data. Our best seller in this category is the Omron M3 : it has a great price-quality ratio and it is a reference in this field.

Moreover, this model is improving, by connecting your information to a computer thanks to the Bi-Link software; this model is called Omron M IT.

We also propose reference’s manual monitors with great capacities like the LIAN Nano, by Spengler.

You will finally have to choose between an armband and a wrist monitor. Both are different. Armband monitor is more cumbersome, but it doesn’t need as much rigor as the wrist monitor (which requires to be placed against the chest).

Our team is at your service in your choice process. Do not hesitate to call us at the : 020 3318 5303, or by mail with the address :