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Human skeleton "Hugo" Erler Zimmer

Human skeleton  "Hugo" Erler Zimmer

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Human skeleton  "Hugo" Erler Zimmer - Size : 176 cm - Weight: 9,5 kg - 5-leg, safety castor-mounted stand - flexible vertebral column -Removable skull and legs

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Description of flexible skeleton  "Hugo" Erler Zimmer

This therapy skeleton with a moveable vertebral column is ideal for anyone who not only wants to learn anatomy, but also wishes as a therapist to understand or convey the connections between movements, postures and malpositions.

Technical characteristics :

  • Natural casting of a human skeleton
  • Representation of all anatomical details, fissures, foramina and processes
  • Skull can be dismantled in three parts
  • Removable arms and legs
  • Gliding joints in shoulder, hip and ankle
  • Leg can be dismantled at the knee, removable foot
  • Movable shoulder blades
  • 5-leg, safety castor-mounted stand
  • Fully moveable vertebral column with flexible intervertebral discs and emerging spinal nerves


Size :

176 cm

Weight :

9,5 kg

Product Human skeleton "Hugo" Erler Zimmer details:

Reference 3014
Weight 10.70 Kg
Warranty 3 years
Manufacturer Erler Zimmer

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