Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator

Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator

Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator

Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator
Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator
Cefar Slim Form

Cefar Slim Form

Globus Premium 200 Electrostimulator 4 channels

Globus Premium 200 Electrostimulator 4 channels

Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator- sport and wellness - 50 programs - Work out, recovery and pain relief - 4 electrodes - Cefar Easy Touch and Cefar Easy Training functions - Supplied with a clip belt

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Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator description:


The Cefar Myo X2 offers you programs in the areas of Sport and Wellness for training, recovery and pain relief. With the possibility to use 4 electrodes you can train the main muscle groups (quadriceps, abdominals, biceps). This simple and efficient model combines CEFAR EASY TOUCH™ and CEFAR EASY TRAINING™ functions.

Cefar Easy Touch
With the press of a button, the most suitable amplitude to YOUR body is automatically set. A genuine revolution in electro stimulation! This unique system guarantees a real comfort during stimulation. CEFAR MYO X2 can also be set manually.

Cefar Easy Training
To make it even easier to keep track on how much your muscles work out during in each program, each completed set is displayed thanks to Cefar Easy Training

Backlit Display
A large backlit display for easy reading even in the dark.

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer with further advice to use the stimulator is supplied with the CEFAR MYO X2.


Cefar Myo X2 electrostimulator programs:


Cefar Myo X2 offers 50 programs in total, 42 Sport and 8 Wellness programs.
It is the ideal complement for all athletes who want coaching.
Use it as training complement before a competition and to relieve the pain during recovery.

42 Sport programs
Explosive Force
Maximum Strength
Progressive Force
Resistance Force
Active Recovery

8 Wellness programs
TENS Conventional
TENS Endorphin

The Cefar Myo X2 is supplied with a clip belt so that your hands are free during stimulation.
The Cefar Myo X2 is alimented by regular 1.5-V AA batteries, which you can buy in any store.
You can also use rechargeable batteries.

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Reference ARRET-ARRET-1119
Weight 0.000000
Manufacturer CefarCompex
Use Painkiller/ Recovery
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