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Hand rehabilitation

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  • Gripmaster


    GRIPMASTER allow to develop hand strength and coordination. Each finger works independently.The ergonomic shape of the grip fits the palm perfectly well.

    Available: In Stock.

    €20.47 inc. VAT

  • Rep Putty squeeze ball

    Rep Putty squeeze ball

    Squeeze therapeutic puttySqeeze therapeutic REP PUTTY is a non-greasy and homogeneous putty. It  is designed for finger, palm and wrist rehab exercises.

    Available: in 15 days

    €7.94 inc. VAT

  • Handmaster Plus

    Handmaster Plus

    Handmaster Plus strengthens the muscles that close and open the hand in one continuous convenient exerciseWe recommande Handmaster Plus for hand, wrist and forearm rehabilitation.

    Available: In Stock.

    €16.58 inc. VAT

  • Rep Band Exercise Band 5,5 m x 10 cm

    Rep Band Exercise Band 5,5 m x 10 cm

    Rep Band exercise band has been designed to suit athletes' rehabilitation and training. This band allows a progressive, global or analytic muscular workout .

    Available: In Stock.

    €14.28 inc. VAT


4 Item(s)

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